Do you need help starting your coaching business?

My team and I can help you become a life or business coach in 30 days.

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* We can only work with 20 clients at a time so please click the link above if you are interested in working together and I'll send you all the details... *  

Do you need help starting your coaching business?

My team and I can help you become a life or business coach in 30 days.

* * We can only work with 20 clients at a time so please click the link above if you are interested in working together and I'll send you all the details... **  

In just a few weeks I’m opening Quickstart Coaching Code

... to 20 new students who will ‘learn coaching by doing it’ through 2 experiences tailored specifically for coaches - to help you:

Learn. Learn how to start your coaching business from scratch.

 Get Clients. Fill your coaching business with paying clients.  

While you ‘learn by doing’ you’ll focus on intensive weekly trainings, webinars, study materials, Videos, and manuals to support your coaching skills improvement. You’ll also see coaching front of large groups during virtual training sessions, ultimately changing lives yourself. Quickstart Coaching Code is designed to help you get your top coaching profit centers started and give you coaching "skill training".  

If you’re interested in learning more about Quickstart Coaching Code, as well as having access for early application submission before enrollment opens, Click the button below.

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What our clients say about us

Now I'm Confident I Can Help People  

"It has been a month since I joined the program and I must say that I totally love it. I am feeling more confident than ever and love the fact that I can actually make a differnce in peoples lives. This is something that I am really good at!"

Margola Shuchat Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Best Advice on Marketing Your Coaching 

 "Attending a Master Coach University Training has been a tremendous help to me in launching a new coaching business. While I was already an experienced “coach,” Jeff’s advice and strategies on marketing and business development filled in the missing links as a new solopreneur. I would highly recommend this program to any coach who seeks a solid business, a supportive coaching network, and a top notch mentor – you’ll get that from Master Coach University!"

Susan Ireland 

I Learned The Most by Actually Coaching

“The main difference between Master Coach University’s Coaches Training and others I’ve experienced is that we learn coaching by actually coaching each other. It’s one thing to learn the material in your head, and quite another to be actually doing it! This training is easily an order of magnitude better because of the practical application of the material we are learning. This Coaches Training has been a real breakthrough for me.“

Linda San Jose, CA

First Three Clients Within Two Weeks 

“I can honestly say that I feel much more confident and competent than when I began, and know that I can change people’s lives for the better. I’m on my way to having my first three clients within the next two weeks.”

Margola Shuchat Montreal, Quebec, Canada

7 Speaking & 125 Client Leads in 1 Month  

“Prior to doing the Master Coach University coaches training, I already had 16 years experience coaching clients on their personal development, sales, business, and relationships. This program took this to another level! It was so information packed and intense I was blown away. I feel this has been one of the best investments I have made on business development for my coaching practice – really setting me apart from the other coaches out there, allowing me to help my clients at a much more profound level.  

Just half way through the program I already had 7 leads for speaking opportunities to present before sales teams and promote my coaching, had generated over 125 client leads from people requesting follow up consultations, and prospects referred by others. My coaching business shot into high gear since completing the program. I am using the material and skills I learned in this program directly in my work and in my life. I don t know how they manage it, coordinating all the nuts and bolts (and details) of this extensive training, but the program was awesome. I recommend this program to others who want to accelerate the growth of their coaching business, or for those who simply want to add coaching into their present business.”

Daniel Herzberg Antioch, CA

Master Coach University has...









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