"How to Quickly Start The Coaching Business You Were Meant For And Prove Positive You Can Get Your First Coaching Clients, So You Can Fulfill Your Purpose of Making a Difference in People's Lives, by Creating an Intimate Connection With Every Client You Work With... in Only 10 Hours Per Week & Very Little Money"

If You Want to Start Your Coaching Business in Thirty Days And Generate a Minimum of $1,000 Per Month Income in That Same Period of Time, Then This Could be The Most Important Letter You've Ever Read. This 'Code' You're About to Learn Teaches Exactly Where to Start And Every Step Towards Showing Your Family, Friends And Clients The Legitimacy of Coaching as a Profession, Without Ever Chasing People With Sales Calls or Begging For Referrals From Your Friends And Family.

Dear Friend,

I have some questions for you:

    • Have you wanted to get going on your coaching business, but you’ve been worried about burning through all your money with nothing to show for it?
    • Have you been ready to take action, but been so confused by the information about the coaching profession, and put off by all the ways you could get started, that you just stayed in 'research mode?'

The fact is that confusing advice is bad advice. See, if you’re constantly looking out there on the internet, getting home study courses and you’re getting all this conflicting advice, confusing advice... well, that’s just bad advice. The bottom line is that you’re getting information that really wasn’t put together in a way that is supporting you. I mean, ultimately, you know, you’re not to blame for your lack of action, it’s the information out there that is confusing you. So, it’s my job today to put that to rest once and for all.

    • Are you afraid that, once you start your coaching business, no one will ever buy coaching from you?
    • Have you wanted to know HOW you get someone to 'say yes' and actually PAY for your coaching without constantly chasing and 'selling' them?
    • Ever wonder if you're even good at this 'coaching thing', and if you have what it really takes to be a world class coach?
    • Have you been frightened by the thought of having a ‘crash and burn’ coaching session with your client (because you didn't do the right thing)?
    • Ever wanted to find the right partners to help you get coaching clients, but didn't know how to find them or what to say or offer when you did?
    • Have you worried about people hanging up on you or yelling at you even though you were just trying to help?

"Why do so Many Coaches Never Get Paid For a Single Coaching Session?"

There’s one simple answer - lack of knowledge. What you don’t know can cost you.

  • Have you thought that coaching as a business is what you were meant to do in life, only to put it off for the 'future,' feeling like maybe you'll never fulfill your purpose?

You’re Not Alone

There’s something that you may not know about me. About four years before I started JTS Advisors (the coaching company I've run for the last 6 1/2 years), I thought about becoming a coach.

I would read books about coaching, I would coach my friends on the side, I was always known as kind of the solution guy. If you had a problem, I could solve your problem for you.

But I never thought or imagined for many years that I could actually get paid for what I had been doing for free.

I watched the gurus go out there and change the world and I thought, “I want to learn to coach like the masters. I want to learn the advanced techniques. I want to be able to change someone’s life and help them get over their problems.”

For Four Years I Thought About Starting my Coaching Business, And Just Never Got Around to it

By the time I got around to it about four years later I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to cut it, especially because I was so young at the time (I was only 26). It turned out that it was a lot simpler than I thought because there were so many solutions about how to coach people effectively by that time, and how to actually attract and get clients. The interesting thing is four years after I started my coaching business...

I Had a Coaching Business That Was Doing More Than $30,000 Per Month in Revenue

But even better, I was getting emails and phone calls from people thanking me for changing their lives.

So you can imagine, I’ve kicked myself a few times wondering, where would my business would be if I had started that coaching business four years earlier, when I got the idea.

But the more interesting question is, what stopped me from starting a coaching business when I got that idea to do it in the first place?

Why Didn’t I Get my Coaching Business Started Right From The 'Get go'?

After having about four years to think about it, I realized that it all boiled down to just a few reasons.

The first couple of reasons had to do with time and money concerns:

    • What if I can’t get clients to pay for coaching?
    • I was concerned about burning through all my time and all my money and having nothing to show for it.
    • There was so much confusing information out there, I just didn’t know where to start so I could make sure that I could build something profitable.

The second area of doubts was really doubting myself:

    • I was doubting whether or not I would do the work I needed to do.
    • Was I going to be as good as I needed to be in order to show up and be able to do a really great job of coaching?

Finally, I really wanted somebody who could take me through the methods of how to build a profitable coaching practice step by step, and I just didn’t have that person in my life at the time.

I finally decided, “You know what, I gotta stop putting this off and I just need to get started.”

I Realized I Needed Help, And I Immediately Hired a Top Coach That Was Making Over a Million Dollars a Year at The Time to Mentor me in The Coaching Business

I figured that, if he could make a million dollars a year, I could learn to make six-figures. And when he showed me how to do things like:

    • Generate lots of leads
    • Use the internet as a starting point for my business
    • Run a free session that actually turns into a paying coaching client

I Figured Out... "This is so Simple! This Really Isn’t Hard at All."

In fact, I learned how to do most of these things in 30 minutes or so, each. And that was about 6 years ago when there weren’t so many different ways of automating your marketing and program yourself in the ability to coach.

Here Are a Couple Myths of The Coaching Business:

Starting a coaching business is going to take all my time.

That’s just not true. It doesn’t have to be a full-time profession in order to be a successful business. In fact, I'm working right now with several coaches that are making over $2,000.00 per month in the coaching business working part time... and they started LESS than one year ago.

I have to be certified to charge people for coaching.

NO. You don’t have to be certified. There’s nothing wrong with being certified, but most certifications actually demand that you have done thousands of hours of paid coaching before you’re actually certified. They’re expecting you to do some coaching before you’re actually certified.

I have to be an expert to be a coach.

WRONG. Being a coach is not about knowing more than someone else. You definitely want to use your knowledge as a coach, but coaching is not about knowledge. It’s a process that will support them with what they themselves know. If you can add your own expertise, that's great, but not required.

I have to be successful myself before I can coach others.

This is just not true. There are many coaches that become successful because they become coaches, and before that they were very unsuccessful. I was very unsuccessful before I became a coach because what I was meant to do in life was be a coach, and I wasn't doing that. If you’re doing...

    • what you aren’t good at
    • what you’re not naturally suited for
    • what you aren’t passionate about...

...do you think you’re going to be successful?

Probably not (or at least you'll be unfulfilled).

If you were really meant to be a coach, and you're not doing it yet, Why would you be happy, successful, and fulfilled?

Let me give you a little bit more background.

How NOT to Start Your Coaching Business

I actually got started in Vista, California, up in the hills in this little trailer. I had to wire a phone into the trailer so I could have my coaching calls! My computer went up on the kitchen sink, and I started making calls. Would you have taken my success advice at that point?

I was definitely NOT successful

Success is not a prerequisite for being a fantastic coach.

Don’t wait all your life before you can actually help others. It may never happen, because your success may be waiting for you in the coaching business.

After I Got Started, Things Changed

This is the art markets overlooking the Paris skyline. I was coaching while I was there.

You can coach pretty much from anywhere. This business has total freedom and flexibility.

What About The Money?

Here's proof that I was able to generate a big income in the coaching business:

Another merchant statement showing $16,000 in this particular month. This happens almost every month in my business.

The money comes when you’re doing what you love, and what you can do to help the world.

I've now been coaching for 10 years (6 1/2 year as the owner of my own coaching business) and helped start 3 coaching businesses that make over one million dollars per year.

How Did a 26-Year-Old With no Business Experience 'Crack The Coaching Code' And Start a $30,000 Per Month Coaching Business?

There are two different skills you'll need to start a successful coaching business:

Coaching Skills (The Ability to Make a Difference):

    • Coaching Techniques
    • Ability to Manage Your Coaching Relationships
    • Ability to Build Powerful Coaching Programs

Business Skills (The Ability to Make Money):

    • One on One Influencing Skills
    • Internet Marketing
    • Guru Skills (The Ability to Influence Groups of People at One Time)

The Quickstart Coaching Code REVEALED

If you’re really good at making money but you don’t have the coaching ability yet, then you’re not going to have a coaching business. If you can coach well (i.e. you’re really good at building programs, you’ve got great coaching techniques, etc.) but you don’t build the ability to make money, then you still don’t have a very successful coaching business.

These two skills have to work together.

Making money is just business skills.

Do you think you could learn some business skills? Millions of people have learned business skills over the last thousand years, so there’s no doubt that you can learn some business skills.

Making a Difference if just coaching skills.

Do you think you could learn coaching skills? Absolutely. Coaching is a learned skill.

So, really, we’re talking about learning two different skills: coaching skills and business skills. Those are the two skills that you need to really crack the coaching code.

And when I realized this, I started actually making a little bit of an equation.

Business Skills x Coaching Skills x Action = Coaching Business Results

It makes sense, doesn’t it? If you don’t have any coaching skills but you have lots of business skills and you take action, you’re probably not going to get much results. If you have great coaching skills, but no business skills, even if you take a lot of action you’re still not going to get much results.

However, if you have coaching skills and business skills and you take a lot of action, you’re going to get a great result.

No matter what skills you already have, the one big area that you have to work on, is action. No matter what your level of skills, action is key. If you take no action, you’ve got no coaching business results.

Coaches Need a 'Getting Started' Program

The difference between successful coaches and coaches that just don’t make it, is getting started. Every other skill can be learned in time, but most coaches never learn to just start! Getting started is the ultimate skill in the coaching business.

The reality is, if you don’t get started, you can never build these other skills to the level that you need. If you never get started, none of this matters.

If you never get started, you can’t build the real time skills that you’re learning in the field.

    • You can read books on coaching and business.
    • You can watch videos.
    • You can go to seminars.
    • You can talk and talk about it.

...and still never get started.

If you never get in the game, there’s no possibility to win the game.

The 30-Day Quickstart Coaching Code Teaches You How to Quickly Start Making Money Coaching, And Making a Difference For People in as Little as 10 Hours Per Week

Each week you'll learn a new set of lessons, action plans, mindsets, nuts and bolts methods, and assignments to help you get started and get clients.

Learn The Basics of Coaching With The High Caliber Coaching Code Training Program

The 'High Caliber Coaching Code' covers basic coaching skills & techniques you'll need as you start coaching immediately.

The High Caliber Coaching Code includes:

    • 10 Coaching Skill Building Videos
    • High Caliber Coaching Code Workbook & Step by Step Assignments

You can get this program separately, or along with the Quickstart Coaching Code as a package.

The High Caliber Coaching Code is NEW, literally 'just finished' as I type this.

The reason I developed this new video course is that I got feedback from coaches saying, "I want more info about the basics of HOW TO COACH PEOPLE, not just info about how to build my coaching business!"

So I'm creating this 3 week series covering the basic coaching skills, mindsets, situations, techniques, and styles that every coach should know to start coaching ANYONE correctly and powerfully.

The High Caliber Coaching Code is divided into three weeks that are designed to run alongside the 4 week Quickstart curriculum (or separately, if you just want to learn to use coaching skills, not the coaching business).

High Caliber Coaching Code Week One: Skills & Mindsets

The first week covers the skills and mindsets that the best coaches in the world have mastered and use to change lives. Master all these skills and you'll replicate the same results as the best of the best coaches.

    • The Mindset of High Caliber Coaching: The 5 COACHING mindsets that you must know in order to deliver a solid session, and how to literally ‘program yourself' with each mindset before any session to make you the most powerful coach possible.
    • The Ten Basic High Caliber Coaching Skills to Master: With these skills, you'll develop the ability to create instant unstoppable confidence to promise your clients, “I KNOW I can help you.” After over 2 hours of video skills trainings as well as assignments and diagrams, you'll change your clients' lives and hear them thank you as they share the results you helped them achieve.

High Caliber Coaching Code Week Two: The 'Technique Tool Belt'

Know what to do in any coaching session with the 'Technique Tool Belt': One of the most important resources you can have as a coach is a tool belt full of effective techniques for understanding your client and helping them focus, take action, and create more joy and fulfillment.

High Caliber Coaching Code Week Three: Putting The Tools to Work

In week three, you'll learn how to put all your coaching skills and techniques to work in many different scenarios.

You'll learn how to coach:

    • Executives
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Salespeople
    • Families

You'll also learn these specific coaching styles and methods:

    • Marketing
    • Communication
    • Conflict resolution
    • Self-esteem
    • Business
    • Relationship
    • Health

High Caliber Coaching Code Bonus Week: Live Coaching Examples & Support Checklist

In your special ‘bonus week' you'll enjoy listening in on some very special coaching sessions that demonstrate the variety of coaching skills and tools you've learned:

  • Live examples of masterful coaching to see ‘how it's done'. You're going to listen in on phone footage of how I alter someone's reality and change their life.
  • Listen in on my coaching team attempting the same techniques on ME along with post-session feedback on how they could improve the technique's effect. This is where you'll really learn the finer points of the coaching techniques in the course.

In the bonus week, you'll also receive a special one-page question checklist that will guide you through all the types of coaching questions you could ask in any coaching session, organized in such a way that you'll find the right question for every coaching situation in seconds, even in the middle of a high-pressure coaching session.

The Quickstart Coaching Code Business Building System:

The Quickstart Coaching Code teaches you everything you need to know to start your coaching business. Each video and assignment will take you one step closer to building the skills, systems, and confidence to get your first paying client and find many more to come.

The Quickstart Coaching Code includes:

    • 9 Quickstart Videos
    • Quickstart Workbook & Step by Step Assignments

Throughout the four weeks of the program, you will build your coaching business client by client, skill by skill, strategy by strategy.


    • How to run your coaching business for only 10 hours per week in a way that can get you $1,000 / month in your first 30 days coaching
    • The 'booster' technique for 'amplifying' your mind power during a coaching session (you can do it while in the middle of a session without your client even knowing it!)
    • How to absolutely CRUSH any fear that comes up about anything having to do with your coaching business
    • What to do when a coaching session doesn't work out (or a prospect rejects you) so you avoid ruining the coaching relationship (and beating yourself up for it)
    • How to structure your time so that, even if your job only gives you a few hours per week, you can still get started with your new coaching business
    • How nay-saying relatives and friends can be converted into your biggest referral sources when you give them free coaching
    • A simple, 10 minute exercise I learned from a Harvard MBA , that will allow you to hash out what coaching opportunities to pursue and which ones to avoid
    • How going after the projects that seem least likely to succeed can actually be the best coaching opportunities to pursue
    • Why your three 'brains' keep you procrastinating (especially when it comes to your coaching business) and what to do about it
    • How to build a team around your coaching business
    • How to clarify your ultimate passion and purpose in your coaching business, and simple ways to use it to keep you on track when you loose momentum
    • Learn the 'Master Coach Results Code' that every master coach uses to get peak results in their coaching business
    • Learn the top mistakes to avoid that cause most coaching businesses to fail.
    • The 3 keys to your coaching vision that simplifies your day so you always know where to start


In week two, You'll actually plan out your coaching business, but you’ll also start to do some actual coaching practice.

    • How much to charge for your coaching, and the standard fee levels you'll see coaches charge for specific types of clients and coaching
    • The free offers that can quickly fill your calendar with free sessions (leads) for your coaching business
    • A way to get unlimited amounts of free sessions by communicating 3 simple things to your prospects over email
    • A trick I learned from Tony Robbins that I combined with a free session offer to set 20 free sessions every time I'm in front of 100 people in a speaking engagement
    • A checklist for what EXACTLY to hold your coaching clients accountable for to make sure every session is priceless for your clients
    • 3 simple steps to generate a personalized profit plan when you launch your coaching business
    • How to go from free coaching to fee-based coaching in a way that you and your most important clients will both benefit from
    • A simple 'win-win' payment system that I learned from my mentor that will eliminate any fear of asking for money from your clients
    • How to eliminate any 'selling' in your free sessions, and make them 100% about the coaching relationship (no 'pushy salesperson' stuff)
    • How to start charging for your coaching and keep it comfortable for you, even if you worry about charging for your coaching services
    • Step by step 'recipes' for all types of free coaching sessions, paid 1 on 1 coaching, and group coaching sessions
    • The full start up plan for becoming a national speaker, including the key equipment for front of the room presentations
    • A trick learned from a best selling author that you can use to establish yourself as an expert (in the eyes of your target market) in 4 weeks, saving years of 'clawing' your way to the top
    • The exact method I used to get started coaching on the internet, including all the equipment you'll need
    • What to do when you run free sessions that will maximize your chances to get more clients, even if your prospect doesn't sign up for coaching
    • How to practice coaching in a way that you builds your skills without inadvertently harming clients
    • How and when to make the transition from one on one to group coaching seamlessly
    • The 3 different group coaching situations, how to set them up, and what to charge for each
    • The assessments, forms, and paperwork you should use to protect yourself, your clients, and your business
    • Equipment that you'll need for your coaching business, including technology for high-quality sounding headsets


In the third week, you'll begin finding your prospects (people that could work with you). This is where you really start finding coaching clients.

    • A 'game changing' practice that improved my coaching more than anything else, and how you can use it to copy my results
    • What to say in your coaching conversations
    • Exactly what to say to prospects that will make them hungry to sign up for a free session with you
    • A client enrollment process that has proven to enroll 1/2 of all your free sessions into coaching
    • How to 'blueprint' your client before your free session so that you know the exact coaching strategies that will impact and influence your prospect to get coaching with you
    • How to get your client to like and trust you with this simple technique that your client won't even notice in the beginning of a free session
    • How to covertly position yourself as the coach in the mind of even the most 'superior' of prospects
    • The keys to structure your coaching sessions so that, no matter what your 'coaching skill', you always avoid that miserable frustrated feeling of a coaching session which isn't successful in a major way for the client
    • How to avoid the most common 'free session traps' that can render even the most powerful coaching techniques impotent
    • How a prospective client 'no-showing' a free session appointment with you can actually improve your chances of getting them into coaching with this no-brainer technique
    • How to discover what your prospects really want and how to give it to them (without having to be ‘the expert’)
    • The entire process I use to get myself into the most powerful and productive state of mind for coaching (this is something that really sets my coaching apart from most other coaches)
    • How to program yourself with the right mindsets before you begin a free session to make you the most powerful coach possible
    • The four different types of coaching prospects and how to contact and communicate differently with each of them
    • How you can set the stage for prospects to call you, begging to pay you for your services
    • how to put together a Free e-book or Video to promote your coaching services from your website
    • How to use the internet to find niche coaching markets that are bursting with money to spend on your coaching services

Quickstart Coaching Code is Designed For:

    • Coaches at The Start Up Level
    • Coaches Who Want to Take Their Practice to The Next Level of Profitability
    • People considering getting into coaching and Want to Learn What’s Involved
    • Coaches Who Have Been Through Training But Still Have Trouble Getting Clients
    • Part-time Coaches that are Ready to Give Coaching a Full-Time Commitment

Quickstart Coaching Code is NOT Designed For:

    • Coaches Who Already Have $1M Per Year in Business or More
    • Coaches Who Are Not Coachable or Ready to Learn
    • Someone Who Has Decided Not to Be a Coach

What Makes Quickstart Coaching Code Different?

Are you learning from a coach or a marketer?

Now there are marketing gurus that are taking advantage of a lot of people that are becoming coaches. Marketers speak marketing language and what marketers teach you may not resonate well with you because you’re really not a marketer, you’re a coach. If you want to get into the coaching business, you'll want to learn the marketing and the coaching from a coach.

I’ve been in the coaching business for 10 years. And there’s no part of me that’s not truly a coach. I’ve leaned the marketing from the coach's perspective in order to get real results in my coaching business.

In the Quickstart Coaching Code, you'll learn marketing from the coach's perspective, not the marketer’s perspective, not to mention the real world coaching skills that get people into coaching with in a way that works for them and is also profitable for you.

Most how-to courses for coaches focus only on coaching skills, or teach you old school marketing strategies that no longer work.

I talked to the owner of one of the biggest coaches training companies around, and found that the only marketing they teach their students is networking and selling... THAT'S IT! Such a shame...

In the Quickstart Coaching Code you’re going to get cutting edge coaching and marketing education from coaches that do this on a daily basis. We market on the internet and you’ll know how to do it. If you copy what we do, you'll replicate our results.

Powerful Bonuses ($2,425.00 Value)
- Platinum Package ONLY

Platinum Package Bonus #1: Quickstart Coaching Code 30-day Live Bootcamp Training ($375 value)

You don't have to go through the challenges of starting your coaching business alone. In the 30-day Live Bootcamp Training, I will personally coach you through each step along the way (along with 2 other coaches and a mastermind support team). Each week, you'll get my personal attention to answer every detailed question you have, and push you past every challenge and roadblock you come up against. The Quickstart Coaching Code 30-day Live Bootcamp Training will create the momentum you need to launch your coaching business fast.

Each week of the 30-day Live Bootcamp, You'll:

  • Attend a coaching session with me to answer your questions and discuss the finer points of that weeks curriculum.
  • Meet with your mastermind of fellow coaches to further discuss your business plans and implementation.
  • Meet with your accountability coach to keep yourself in action and increase your momentum and results.
  • Rack up higher scores reflecting the number of free coaching sessions you've run, as well as new clients that hired you.

You'll leave your 30-day Live Bootcamp with:

  • The CONFIDENCE it takes to run a full-time coaching business
  • The EXPERIENCE of coaching people and running free sessions that get paying clients
  • The KNOWLEDGE of how to build a forever-growing coaching business
  • The JOY that comes with knowing that you can enjoy the entire process
  • The COMMUNITY that will always remind you that you are NOT ALONE

Platinum Package Bonus #2: One Ticket to The Next Master Coach Certification Live Training (Subject to Availability - $1,200 value)

After you learn and practice the basic curriculum, you'll want to come to San Diego yourself and experience the advanced coaching techniques and marketing secrets live. Every event is different and part of the value of going is learning from the variety of coaches that attend, not to mention that you'll get tons of 1 on 1 attention from me and the other master coaches. Also, we're always adding cutting edge content and learning’s and sharing it at the Master Coach events, so plan on coming in May or October (exact dates are TBA and subject to change. Availability may be limited per event.)

Platinum Package Bonus #3: ‘Cash Coaching’ Video Course ($375 value)

If you've seen our acclaimed 'Coaches Training Blog' videos, you know some of the content that is in the Cash Coaching Video Course. This course contains over 15 hours of video training yours to download and watch whenever you choose on your I POD or computer.

Platinum Package Bonus #4: One on One Strategy Session with a JTS Advisors Coach ($225 value)

You'll receive a one on one Strategy Session with a Coaching Business Expert I’ve personally trained that is coaching currently within my team to help you get crystal clear on your path to coaching prosperity. Your coach knows how to market and sell coaching, and they know how to produce amazing coaching results. Your specially selected JTS Advisors Coaching Business Expert has been where you are and they know how to get you where you want to go.

Platinum Package Bonus #5: Strategic Partnership Summit ($75 value)

One of the most powerful and profitable ways to grow your coaching business (usually at no cost to you) is by finding strategic partnerships and joint venture opportunities to bring paying clients to your door. The really cool thing about this strategy is that there's almost NO SALES CALLS on your part in order to create the business. I brought some of my own successful partners and mentors together to teach YOU how THEY form strategic alliances and generate millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of customers from this essential 'no brainer' strategy.

Platinum Package Bonus #6: Internet Marketing for Coaches Webinar ($175 value)

In the Internet Marketing for Coaches Webinar, You'll have a chance to 'look over my shoulder' and see exactly how I was able to generate thousands of leads and tens of thousands in profit from my internet marketing in less than a year after I began marketing online.

How The 30-Day Quickstart Coaching Code Works

    • Each week, you'll watch up to 4 videos, and follow the directions in the workbook after each video.
    • Each week after that, you'll watch more videos (about 2 hours each week), and do the workbook assignments (about 5-10 hours of homework each week).
    • Platinum Package ONLY: After your initial 30 days, you'll get scheduled for your 30-day Live Bootcamp Training (see Platinum Bonuses)
    • Platinum Package ONLY: You'll set your One on One Strategy Session with your JTS Advisors Coaching Business Expert (plan about 1 hour for the session… see Platinum Bonuses).
    • Platinum Package ONLY: When you have time, download and watch the Cash Coaching Video Course (about 15 hours of video to watch… see Platinum Bonuses).
    • Platinum Package ONLY: Check with our San Diego offices to find out when the next 3-Day Master Coach Certification Live Training is, schedule your travel to be there, and attend (see Platinum Bonuses).

As a Result, You’ll Have The Potential to:

    • Enroll new clients during the 30-day Quickstart process.
    • Change lives with your new coaching skill.
    • Make more than $1,000.00, even during the first 30 days.
    • Begin to market your larger business for 7-figure revenue potential.

In the Quickstart Coaching Code, there are a series of experiences, assignments, and nuts and bolts trainings that will make it possible for you to experience, achieve, and create what you desire in your coaching business.

If you’d like to see the coaching business of your dreams turn into a reality, this is the place to start.

What is The Quickstart Coaching Code Worth?

Other coach training programs can cost as much as $25,000.00. Here's a sample of some average prices for various types of trainings:

    • Cost of an average coach training = $2,500.00
    • Cost of an ICF certification training = $5,000.00
    • Cost of an average internet marketing course = $2,000.00
    • Cost of an average video home study course = $500.00

Why Give Such Reasonable Prices?

I'm hoping that these prices encourage you to get started. I want to give you some amazing lessons that will help you start your coaching business. If I make a long term investment in you, then I know it will pay off for both of us in the long term.

If you have read this far down the page, and you're still considering the Quickstart Coaching Code, the High Caliber Coaching Code, or the Quickstart Platinum Package, then I believe you have coaching greatness within you, and it's waiting for you to choose to take action on it. Even though I don’t know you, if you got to this point, there must be some reason...

    • some force that makes you want to start this business
    • some feeling that makes you know this is who you are
    • some idea that makes you know that this is what you could be potentially doing for people, and that you could be profitable doing it if you just got started.

If you invest yourself in the Quickstart Coaching Code, then someday in our future, our paths our going to cross again. Not only will it be a profitable relationship for you and for I, but it will be immeasurably fulfilling for you.

I can't wait to see that you’ve taken this program and that you achieved the coaching success you dreamt of. That will have made it all worth the prices I'm giving.

But if it doesn't pay for itself… Or if you're not satisfied for ANY reason...

Then its Yours Absolutely FREE!

Start Coaching NOW - Try It 100% Risk Free For 30-Days...

You've got 30-Days to test it out and experience the power of Quickstart Coaching for yourself...

You'll start seeing immediate results...

But I want you to see just how powerful this coaching system really is, so use it for a full 30-days 100% risk-free...

If you don't see the results you're expecting...

If you're not getting new coaching clients…

Simply email me within 30-days for an immediate refund of your money...

It will be given, no questions asked...

You WILL get new coaching clients, new coaching skills, and begin your journey to coaching mastery if you put it to use, but I want you to know that unless it's right for you...

Unless it's a tremendous value to your coaching business, you don't have to pay.

There's ZERO risk on your part, and you can download and start using the Quickstart Coaching Code and start coaching in the next 5 minutes...

Get Your Money Back With Just One Client

If you only get one coaching client as a result of what you learn in the Quckstart Coaching Code, you will have made TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK from your original investment.

The Money You Can Make With Just One Client:

    • Average client fee = $250 per month
    • Normal life of a client relationship = 12 months

Total Money Back in Your Pocket = $3,000.00

That’s more than 10x your investment in this program (Still a WORST CASE scenario that you only get one client if you follow the secrets I share with you in the Quickstart Coaching Code).


The dream that a coaching business can fulfill is very much beyond that. In the average coaching practice there are about 25 clients.

So let's do the math:

  • 25 clients (each paying $250/month) = $75,000.00 per year
  • Average 2nd Year, Low Overhead Advice Business = $250,000 per year
  • Later years = $1,000,000.00 - $20,000,000.00 per year

An advice business is what the business guru's would call 'scalable'. If you start with coaching, you can grow it as large as you want.

Get the Knowledge You Need to Make The Dream YOUR Reality

What would it feel like when you successfully start your coaching business in 30 days, and generate a minimum of $1000 per month income in that same period of time?

How would that feel?

What would that look like?

Just imagine that right now. Take a second and give yourself a gift of what that vision would look like.

Even though it may not seem like that 'big a deal', it’s a huge deal to get started. Anything is possible once you achieve that.

If that vision excites you, then do whatever it takes to take advantage of the Quickstart Coaching Code video home study course. It will be an experience that will stay with you for a very long time.

You can choose between 3 different packages, depending on what you need right now on your coaching journey.

You can get the High Caliber Coaching Code Package (to help you learn the basic coaching skills needed to change lives), which includes 10 video trainings and a 224 page workbook for $449;

You can get the Quickstart Coaching Code Package (to help you learn how to start your coaching business and get paying clients), which includes 9 video trainings and the 218 page workbook for $549;

Or you can get the Quickstart Platinum Package (to make absolutely certain that you get started with massive momentum and are firmly on your way to getting lots of paying clients and helping them change their lives for the better), which includes BOTH the Quickstart Coaching Code AND the High Caliber Coaching Code packages, as well as $2,425.00 worth of Platinum Bonuses (including your 1 on 1 Strategy Session with a JTS Advisors Coaching Business Expert, 30 Day Live Bootcamp Training, and 1 ticket to the 3-day Master Coach Certification Training, (all of these goodies together are worth $3,423.00) for just $649, or 4 monthly payments of $249.

Ready to get started?

Yes Jeffrey...

I understand that I get...

High Quality Streaming Videos… The instructional videos I'm watching will stream in high quality format from anywhere in the world… all I need is an internet connection.

Video Downloads… I'll be able to download all the videos and audios and take them with me to watch on my laptop or IPOD… in the same high quality format. They're mine to keep FOREVER.

In Depth Workbooks… Every course I get will include an in depth workbook that will guide me through the curriculum covered in the instructional videos, point by point, technique by technique, so I can QUICKLY review anything in writing as many times as I need.

Step by Step Assignments… I understand that all this education will need to turn into action, so I'll be able to use the step by step assignments in the workbook to keep me on track, building one advancement upon the next on my path towards my ultimate coaching destiny.

And you're covered by my 30-day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee...

Fair enough?

Ready to get started? Click the button below, you'll be able to INSTANTLY download and start using the Quickstart Coaching Code and start coaching in the next 5 minutes...

High Caliber Coaching Code
  • Coaching Skills System
  • Home Study Course
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Quickstart Coaching Code
  • Coaching Business System
  • Home Study Course
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NOTE: If you would like to order by phone, just call my assistant Kim @ (904) 201-9302. (Remember, the payment program is only available with debit / credit cards & echecks.) As usual, if you have any questions, just email me @ jeffrey@quickstartcoachingcode.com. There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start your coaching business QUICKLY & SUCCESSFULLY, and this is the most powerful program available to help you do it. Just click a button above to order. Your Friend,

P.S. In the Quickstart Coaching Code video home study course you’re going to learn how to quickly start the coaching business you were meant for, and fulfill your purpose of making a difference in the lives of people you meet even if you only have 10 hours per week and very little money to invest.

P.P.S. Remember that the Quickstart Coaching Code will help you learn to start your coaching business in as little as 30 days, and generate a minimum of $1,000 per month income in that same period of time. You'll know exactly where to start and every step you need to take along the way in order to show your family, friends and clients the legitimacy of coaching as a profession, without ever chasing people with sales calls or begging for referrals from your friends and family.

Real People Who Went Through The Beta Version of the Quickstart Coaching Code…

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High Caliber Coaching Code
  • Coaching Skills System
  • Home Study Course
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Quickstart Coaching Code
  • Coaching Business System
  • Home Study Course
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NOTE: If you would like to order by phone, just call my assistant Kim @ (904) 201-9302. (Remember, the payment program is only available with debit / credit cards & echecks.)

As usual, if you have any questions, just email me @ jeffrey@quickstartcoachingcode.com.