45 Minute Life Change Coaching Technique

This is where the magic is… Strategy Coaching Technology is what will take a client in the worst situation, with the worst feelings, habits, relationships, etc., and change it all in ONE SESSION.

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The keys to causing GLOBAL CHANGE in your clients are shared in this video:

1. Pain / Pleasure: All human behavior is merely an attempt to gain pleasure and avoid pain. More specifically, to meet (and avoid loosing) SURVIVAL NEEDS. There are four:

• Certainty
• Variety
• Significance
• Love

2. The emotions and behavior that we do habitually or as a reaction to our world come from three forces:

• Physiology (movement, position/posture, biochemistry)
Language (spoken, visual, internal/external)
Focus/Beliefs (philosophy, thoughts, your ‘reality’)

3. The three forces create an emotional “fuel of choice” which we use “habitually” to fulfill our survival needs. This creates a pattern that produces the four measurable results:

• Peer Group
• Identity
• Focus
• Emotion

4. There are five steps by which we can change these patterns within ourselves or our clients:

• Diagnosis
• Conditioning
• Leverage
• Peer Group
• Empowering Alternative

Ultimately, the only reason anyone does anything, whether wonderful or destructive, it’s to meet the needs. To change someone’s life, change how they meet the needs!


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Some of Our Latest Success Stories

I can honestly say that I feel much more confident and competent that when I began and know that I can change people’s lives for the better and am on my way to having my first three clients within the next two weeks.

Margola Schuchat

The JTS Strategy Coaching Training began for me when Jeffrey Sooey said “If you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone, your life won’t change.” Well, since then, this challenging, eye-opening course has changed my life path. The course in an A to Z intensive of coaching technology that Jeff has distilled from years of his own highly successful coaching practice. Having completed 6 weeks of the 8 week training so far, I am confidently anticipating my own lucrative coaching practice, and the joy and fulfillment of helping clients to achieve their goals and better their lives.

Dorine Kramer

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